Music apps which I regularly use while am in Shopping

Music apps which I regularly use

Whenever you are in shopping you get so tired and it is really hectic to go to so many stores to find some decent clothes for yourself. While doing shopping you should have some good music apps which you can listen to so that you can feel good and energetic. You won’t feel tired when you will be doing shopping instead you will be feeling much rejuvenated. So, now we shall look at 5 stupendoud lovely music apps which are really awesome and can make your shopping experience good as well. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s have a brief review of those lovely music apps which you can regularly use while you are in shopping.



It is one of the most splendid music apps which can be used by people who love shopping and it is definitely going to give you an awesome music experience. You must be wondering about the collection of songs they have. There are almost 30 million songs in its library. Video content and podcast are also available also. It is free so you can enjoy the playlist very well but if you want enriched experience of using Spotify you have to spend some bucks. You can even get a family plan for 14.99$ in which 6 members are included you also download spotify premium apk for free. Spotify even provides promotional discount offers for students. It is one of the good apps which you can definitely use for Shopping . Just go for it without any second thoughts.

Google Play Music

Google Play music is not much behind than Spotify in terms of collection of songs. About 35 million songs are available on Google Play music. It has good UI and beautiful collection of songs which can really make your shopping experience really well. You will be able to listen to radio playlist for free but if you want to listen to songs you have to pay some bucks in order to have good music experience while shopping. If you want to use the app with all features you have to pay 9.99$ per month. You can also get a family plan too for 14.99$. You should definitely go for this app if you want to listen to large number of songs while shopping and that too from different languages. google-play


Pandora is an app which will be definitely liked by people who go on shopping . It is compatible with every platform and it has really good interface. There is provision that you can give thums up and thums down to that songs so that it will be definitely skipped whenever thums down will come. Paid users can skip unlimited songs. Good collection of songs are available in Pandora. You can buy this in 2 packages one for 4.99$ and another for 9.99$. You should go for this App once then you are really going to be fan of Pandora while shopping.

music-app Now, we have looked at 3 lovely music apps which can make our day in shopping. You should use any of them and then decide which one is good for you. They are very much affordable and easy to go. They are in fact not that heavy which is going to make your phone hang. Having a beautiful simple interface they are quite good and easy to use. So, now we will be looking at 2 more music apps which are equally good as above ones. Just use them once and you will be really happy after using them.


It is new in market but really provides you an outstanding music experience. About 40 million songs are hand-picked in Tidal and they are all stupendous in quality as well. High fidelity songs and such nice collection. What else is desired while shopping. Isn’t it? It has simple interface which supports cross platform also. Such a lovely music app which you can easily use while shopping. Use and enrich your music experience.  



It is no doubt one of the best music apps from ages. An app which comprises everything. A perfect combination of songs and videos. Isn’t it? Every band realeases their album on Youtube along with that you can find awesome cool music shows and their live performances. You Tube red comes with Google Play subscription also. So you can use both apps without paying any money. This is free but really an awesome app to listen to while shopping. You should try this once and you will definitely be fan of Youtube. 



So, now we have looked at 5 cool music apps which can be used by People who love to go on shopping. You should use them once so that your music experience can be more enriched. Listen to songs and enjoy a lot. Download them and have lot of fun.

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