My own review on my shopping day Drastic Changes

My own review on my shopping day

I went for shopping yesterday. Shopping for a girl is like dream come true. Window shopping is not my cup of tea as I won’t enjoy shopping until I go inside each showroom and look at clothes closely. I really want to have the coolest clothes in my wardrobe. It isn’t like that I want only western clothes. I want all western and Indian entire in my stack. So yesterday I went for shopping to get some great Indian and western outfits. Along with that I also had plan of buying one cool pair of shoes and one handbag. I had budget of 12, 000 Rs.


So, yesterday I went to one of the biggest mall in which almost all brands were there. First I started with selecting clothes. I went for first Indian entire as I look more beautiful in Indian. I went to Zara and wore some chudidar. The suit was very beautiful as it had embroidery of chicken on it and the colour was damn beautiful. It was peach, my favourite colour. I was in love with the suit. I then wanted to enquire about the price of the suit. It was about 7000 Rs. There was one discount going on onset of GST. I got it for 40% off. I got the suit for 4200Rs. Yeah!! I was very happy. I had that beautiful suit with me now. Later on while shopping i was playing on my smartphone it was one of the emulator games i think so, it was drastic apk from which i have got to the game my android smartphone that too for free.

My Attitude

Then I went to buy some western attire for myself. I went to H&M as the collection of white and black really mesmerizes me a lot. But unfortunately I did not get any. Then I went to Shopper’s stop and started looking for some cool dungarees. I wanted the lower part to be torn over knees as it is the latest on-going fashion. I got one and it was priced at 4000. 50% discount was going on and I got It for 2000 Rs.

Clothing for me was now over. Now I had to look for some shoes. I went to BATA but did not buy any. Then I went to PUMA and I was love with one pair of shoes. It was of black colour with white stripes. I was in love with that and I bought it for 3000Rs after discount. I was done with 4200+ 2000+3000 = 9200 Rs. Now i was left with just 2800 Rs and I had to buy one Purse too.

Without having any second thoughts I went to bagged and selected one purse. It was priced at 4000 Rs. I was sad that I won’t be able to buy it but suddenly staff told me that that bag is at 50% offer. So, I got the bag for 2000 Rs. I still had 800 Rs left with me. I was really happy as I bought so many things in 10,000. My shopping experience was really very good. It was really dream come true and that all because of Pre GST sale. WOW!! I loved my shopping experience and had ice-cream later to enjoy my day.

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